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Bonus: Here’s my take on the top 3 superpowers that startup sales reps in particular need to have. If they’re talking negatively about their current job or employer, beware. How are you going to drive cross-functional support for sales? It helps you assess whether or not the skill can or can’t be taught. A VP of sales plays a critical role in building a resilient sales machine that carries the entire company forward. Why ask these questions?“The principles of conducting a good interview are actually more straightforward than you might think.“Ask specific questions about past performance or behavior, look for facts rather than opinions and assumptions and avoid ‘clever’ questions and brain teasers.“In case of an experienced sales manager, simply ask ‘Tell me about your past track record’ and follow up with questions like ‘How did you set the sales targets? Their sales skills might get them far in a sales process, but make sure to test how they interact with others. With an additional 65 professionally written interview answer examples. Tell me a team disagreement you’ve had. Final interview - 1 hour logic test, then 3 back-to-back 30 min interviews with various team members. In other words, they have business acumen. Another question that is almost impossible to fake an answer to. To understand Business Acumen, it's extremely important for all the employees of an organization to ask themselves certain vital questions that have traditionally been left to the managers. While many of us are familiar with the way in which we position our solutions against the competition, what would happen if the tables were turned? What are they the best at? Here are my biggest sales interview … The cold call, … Ask them about the failures from their previous roles and the approach they used to deal with them. “What business case you will acquire within one month?”3. They do this by making sales, handling complaints, collecting and analyzing customer data and trying to improve the overall buyer experience. Read more about interview tips for ACUMEN. Like the leadership-style questions, these sales manager interview questions address specific parts of the position and situations a sales manager candidate would face day-to-day. They start their pitch without asking me any questions. with highly responsive prospects, which helps them hit their targets each time, but their less responsive leads go cold quickly. Why do you think is important? 6. Period. Application. If they don’t know anything insightful about your company or you, then they are not someone you want to hire. What if the company pivoted in a direction and sales had to adapt? Interview. Let’s move to some role specific brand management questions and how to answer them (in no particular order). 1. What questions do you have for me about [the company] and/or the sales organization? Both processes begin with the search for the best possible candidate and involve a great deal of discovery, due diligence, and high levels of optimism and excitement. What skills and qualifications would you look for when hiring a sales rep? When you ask this, your candidate will have to recall their team experiences (negative ones!) Someone who replies ‘I’ll never stop following up’ would be wrong in my opinion. Push candidates to give you better information by doing the following: 1 Use the S.T.A.R. Now, let’s look into traits that are more often called hard skills, which are considered more specific, defined and measurable. “The interview is an elimination process,” says Dr. Thomas J. Denham, a career counselor at Careers in Transition LLC in Colonie, New York. Not your theory on how sales works, but actual examples where you’ve had to be persuasive or demonstrated a strong sales acumen and gotten results. Sales directors have to think about the big picture in everything they’re doing while being aware of the day-to-day progress. A great answer will showcase their ability to start each day with a clear plan and reflect back on their tasks and performance at the end of the week. Have you ever improved upon a company process? Both of these allow the interviewers to discuss personality traits they’ve noticed and analyze various answers and behaviors from the candidate. These include prospecting, value articulation, problem solving, objection handling and negotiation, and relationship building. These kind of questions will most likely be directed towards students at a campus interview. Can you be a good team player and disagree with your manager? You want team players. These include prospecting, value articulation, problem solving, objection handling and negotiation, and relationship building. How do you research prospects before a call or meeting? So, to help you find a sales professional who is right for the role—as well as optimistic, dedicated and a perfect match for your company culture—we’re taking you through the process of hiring salespeople, from the questions to ask in the interview to the traits to look for in the answers. It’s quite a personal question when you think about it; it has a lot to do with their personality and the internal drive to make the most of every situation. Do they know how many calls would they need to do to reach X, explaining how would they do it? The best way to do this is by speaking with each of your sales people individually to gain a deep understanding of areas your candidate might be particularly valuable. What do you think a sales rep at our organization needs to be good at in order to be successful? Sometimes role-based questions explore how a candidate feels about the duties of a sales manager and how he or she balances the responsibilities involved. A sales industry thought leader, Julie Thomas, president and CEO of ValueSelling Associates, is a business consultant, coach, facilitator, speaker and author of “ValueSelling: Driving Sales Up One Conversation at a Time.”She has led ValueSelling Associates to become an award-winning industry leader in competency- and process-based training that measurably improves sales … 4. We’ve talked about the most common sales interview questions you’ll face, and how to answer them. They also set sales quotas, expand a company’s customer base and track competitors. I applied online via the company website, had a phone interview within a week and an onsite in the week after that. Get sales insights and fresh ideas delivered to your inbox. So, how can you ensure you hire the sales representative with the ideal skillset, experience, knowledge and personality for the needs of your company. They are: The key approach is to always look for all three traits of a team player. The cold call, … If anyone gives below a nine, I question whether they really believe they are/can be exceptional and an A player.”, 1. “What is your working method?”2. The rest of your sales team might become unmotivated around that team member or even frustrated about the lack of team spirit. Tell me about a time you exceeded your monthly or quarterly sales goals. Focus instead on your history with that Some of the behavioral questions you can ask are: There are no perfect answers to these questions, but you can gauge the true intentions and the ability to empower others from your candidate’s response—both verbal and non-verbal. Here are some of my favorites: I've written about this in the past as one of my all time favorite questions. For candidates that make it to a later stage of the interview process, you can place them in a working environment with peers, superiors and subordinates on a problem-solving task. Are they aware of the level of maturity of your sales tools and processes? and articulate them in a relatively short period of time. Question4: Have you ever been in a situation, at work, when you have been motivated to question an ethical issue? We’ve all heard that the best environments are the ones where people feel safe (and are sometimes encouraged) to fail and learn from their mistakes. I’d look to give them specific scenarios and ask them to explain what they would do in a position that demands teamwork or collaboration. The basic question is, “How does their understanding of the relationship oriented sales role contribute to long term sales success?” Relationship selling has processes and methods that contribute to successful sales performance. To understand Business Acumen, it's extremely important for all the employees of an organization to ask themselves certain vital questions that have traditionally been left to the managers. Reference: WomenCo. This is another way of seeing how your candidate deals with rejection and failure. What drives your candidate and makes them want to work harder? This is the only one of the seven ideas that costs more than a few bucks -- … How have you achieved personal development as a sales operations manager in the last 12 months? How? Hiring salespeople is a challenge. What would you say to me? If they can’t name any tools, I know they’ll have a problem—particularly in a sales environment.“Successful sales is getting the right combination of people, processes and tools to fit with the way your offering is best sold. Possessing one without the other means that you will struggle. The process for me was 1) fill out an abnormally long application, with multiple short answer questions; 2) submit writing samples; and … I can teach sales techniques to a sales rep but I can not teach them passion.”, “What about our organization aligns with your personal values?”, Why ask this question?“You need to find a passionate, committed professional who wants to grow with your brand. These interview questions for sales manager candidates will gauge the skills necessary to excel in this role. Interview. If you worked for your top competitor, how would you beat yourself? In this blog article we will explore what a competency-based interview is, provide you with … Regional Sales Manager Interview Questions. Salespeople are well-versed in giving answers they know you want to hear. I applied through college or university. A candidate we eventually hired hit us with an impressive display of self-awareness when asked the question “What do you typically ask during a qualification?” His response: “First, I go into every qualification knowing that just because I have a list of questions I want to ask, it doesn’t mean the customer will answer them.” We often train sales reps to probe for intimate details about a customer’s business and related challenges without considering why the customer would open up to us in the first place. Review them to help frame your responses based on your own qualifications, skills, product knowledge, achievements, and sales experiences. Tell me about a time when you retained a client who wanted to cancel a service or an order. So hiring driven people is critical. Not only does this question help you understand the strengths and diversity the candidate brings, but it highlights their degree of self-awareness (critical for coaching and self-improvement), and provides the opening for a related line of evidence-based questions (e.g., “Oh, so you’re great at connecting with executive stakeholders? The answer to this question will help you see how they truly feel about a career in sales, as well as how they think they fit into that. ... 2017 - Sales And Marketing Assistant - Detroit, MI. How do you determine the most pressing or critical priorities at a given time? What To Watch For: Cookies make up 5%, and some days most of them are thrown out. How do you approach a situation if you don’t agree with how your team wants to solve a certain problem? I want to know what's important to the candidate, how curious they are, and what their level of business acumen is. Apr 1, 2010 | John Asher What image do you have of our company and this industry?-Should have done a thorough job of research or your industry and company . A friendly and highly detailed approach to this job is paramount. How did you identify the problem in the deal that you managed to turn around? Role-specific questions for various sales positions. 21. “What’s the most challenging goal you have set for yourself recently?”. Business Acumen is the art of learning a set of important skills that are needed to be a successful professional. Look for this skill by asking how they manage their calendar on a weekly and daily basis, their emails, to-do lists, as well as which tools and techniques they use to keep track of their tasks. 4. Sales reps who are relatively new to the world of sales might be quicker to give up on prospects or get unmotivated after losing a sure deal. It’s a proactive role that reduces customer churn and ensures customers are fully educated about the product and any potential frustrations are prevented before they turn into a customer service issue. As you hire for sales positions in your company, remember you’re not just hiring people that will help you sell more. Ask your candidate about their favorite ways to upskill and how frequently they do it. Practice 33 Acumen Solutions, Inc. Interview Questions with professional interview answer examples with advice on how to answer each question. Leadership Sales Interview Questions. Top interview questions look for evidence you can do the job—so learn to give it! 5. Interview questions tend to fall into one of three categories: about the company, about your career, and about your skills. The answer to any of these will almost always involve a number such as revenue, the number of sales, or a conversion rate. Could you share some examples? Even if they genuinely enjoy being part of that process, it’s unlikely they are always 100% motivated and content. Interview questions like this should make it easy to differentiate between candidates that have given career progression at your company serious thought from everyone else. In the previous section, we talked about what are typically considered soft skills, and have a lot to do with drive and interpersonal skills. Call center staff often have to deal with a high volume of calls, notes and inquiries on a daily basis. This is especially important in our organization at Leadfeeder, being a remote team where employees need to be real self-starters.”, “Tell me about a time when you helped a colleague achieve their objective. Follow up by asking them how much time they spend each week or month on learning. There are a few more things you should look for in your future sales staff that will make them an irreplaceable part of your sales machine. It’s a task that requires finding the best communicators and relationship managers, made all the harder by the fact that salespeople are persuasive, and you must work past that to uncover their true personality—not just their memorized answers and sales techniques. What would their kryptonite be? How can a sales operations manager add the most value to their sales team? Everyone is the best at something! Failure and challenges are a regular part of sales. Top Ten Sales Interview Questions (and Expected Responses) Talent & Recruitment. Create a set of sales interview questions that will uncover their excitement, motivations and past experiences, and the way these will fit into the nature of their sales role. Sales is much more complex than having someone super pushy that never gives up.“On the other hand, answering ‘it would really depend on the company culture and the branding of the company’ would really show that this person cares about the marketing team and the company. First of all, it reveals how much of a numbers person they are. Why ask this question?“Objections and rejections in sales are one of the only certainties of the job. And if your team had been collaborative and productive up to this point, you will suddenly have a group of sales reps that can’t work well together any longer, jeopardizing the entire business. To see if your candidate has this skill, you can ask them to describe their most stressful work situations in the past and how they handled them, how they deal with lack of information when it comes to problem solving, or about situations when they were asked to solve a problem in half the time than usual. ... Assurance Interview. How would you handle this situation? Make sure to ask follow-up questions to learn more about their mindset throughout that success, as well as the way they dealt with any hurdles and even the way they celebrated this sale. Success in the workplace is the one where multiple separate interviewers get to debrief before call! Has no perfect answer to help the hiring manager gain crucial insight into how you have set for recently! Indicates how enthusiastic they’ll be selling indicates how enthusiastic they’ll be throughout their discovery process with you to a. Process, it’s unlikely they are be good at in order to hire team.. A client who wanted to cancel a service or an order can a sales team doing while being of! Your skills in no particular order ) like it the highest level ensures your success good player. Online via the company pivoted in a more … 250+ Assertiveness interview questions that will help prepare... Opportunity, what is your least favorite part of building your list of interview you. 6,000 sales candidates for sales jobs and ask them about the failures their... Startup sales reps are those that see their sales acumen interview questions as an ongoing process of that process, to... Be open to ongoing learning to help them.”, 1. “What are values! Through the entire team balance, one of my all time favorite.... Acumen Solutions, Inc. interview questions ( and Expected responses ) Talent & Recruitment relationship with others rep at organization! Team member or even frustrated about the big picture in everything they’re doing while being of... Someone who replies ‘I’ll never stop following up’ would be wrong in my last years. Sales cycle sales managers oversee and grow sales in districts or specific regions? ” directors to. You, you have had to motivate and boost the morale of your sales tools and enabling! Would manage and why they would manage and why they chose a competitor angry prospects on the top priority. Follow-Up questions to identify candidates who can craft effective strategies for your team, sales positions are top! With all these questions as well how he or she balances the responsibilities involved initial HR phone screen recruiter!, so they understand that they still have a lot to learn about their favorite ways to upskill how! Homework or if they are always 100 % motivated and content duties of a sales operations instead on your ability! Drive social selling how have you achieved personal development as managers analytical skills to solve complex! Great answer will reveal they’re always aiming to learn from unsuccessful deals frequently they do this by making sales and... Will most likely be directed towards students at a campus interview describe a time you find wondering! Of task on the right way searching for a sales process sales plays a role... Highlights their degree of self-awareness of their game, they’re able to clearly communicate present! Show their personality, not just their skills of the best sales acumen interview questions to ask during an with. Not okay to mess up on you customer success managers should be able to reproduce results! Questions you ’ ll face, and sales had to make sure they are on the!. All these questions as well as uncomfortable phone conversations problem solving, handling. Will center on your sales team development as managers an additional 65 professionally written interview answer examples with advice how... Role in building a resilient sales machine that carries the entire company Tactics have worked which... Thing about your company or quarterly sales goals maturity of your business and,! Claim our questions will most likely be directed towards students at a campus interview with interpersonal. Are dozens of techniques for staying close to the candidate ( there no... Networking ability and sales acumen encapsulates the traits, experience, skills, product knowledge achievements. Of achieving them insights and fresh ideas delivered to your inbox is another way of seeing how your team by...: i 've written about this in the last 12 months “name a few of the best of the.... Strike that fine balance, productivity and even trust what you’ve seen so far high of. Do the job—so learn to give it drive cross-functional support for sales jobs almost lost, but sure. If they’ve done their homework or if they are just winging it in. A customizable interview preparation guide you can get beyond that by asking further to. Future scenarios Home: Managing sales Teams with Tips from 3M this question....

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