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I am going to try it. 🙂. So I would try 4.5 teaspoons of sage and parsley and 1.5 teaspoons of thyme and see if that works? After mixing thoroughly, I let stand in fridge for about an hour and a half. Grace. I always used the ready mixed seasonings, but I can’t recall the one that I used that was so good, as it has been over 40 years ago. But links preceded with * are affiliate links. Thanks for posting this mix. Next time I’ll make it the night before to let the flavors meld a bit. Thanks. Well I asked my husband, who used to guide hunters for a living, what they would add to lean venison and he said, “pork fat”. 10 tbsp. Sure!! Just one of those breakfast-muffin bad boys is enough to fill us up. Many Blessings to you and your family. thanks. Y’all know RancherMan’s an accomplished hunter. So I started experimenting with the standard seasonings I do have. Oh, I’m so glad it was a hit!! It is perfectly safe to eat. Thanks for sharing. There isn't one standardized recipe for any of t… Going to use for sausage stuffing for Thanksgiving. Homemade Country-Style Buttermilk Biscuits. 🙂 It has relatively high level of sage, red pepper and black pepper. Mix all ingredients. My husband and his brothers got 2 deer this season and I was completely out of breakfast sausage (which I have never made before) I used your recipe and multiplied it by 12 yep made 26 lbs of sausage. I will let you know how it turned out after breakfast. Glad your kids liked it! Hi Robin, So glad you liked it! we decided to run with it after the mistake was realized, and I have to tell you it made for some mighty spicy and fine pizza that night. When I was young, we changed butcher shops because the butcher that we took our pigs to always seasoned the sausage, even though my mother told him not to, as frozen sausage went rancid over time. Thanks again! I typically mix these up and make about 6 large ‘breakfast muffins’ at a time, because that’s what fits in my *Silicone Jumbo-Size Muffin Cups. I just killed our piggie a few days ago and ground about 1/4 of her up. I’ll let you know how it comes out after 5 days in the fidge to ‘set’! Thanks for stopping by Jana, Sounds delish – have been wanting to tey our hands at making sausage for a while now and this looks like it will work well. I had pork added to my ground venison once on the recommendation of someone in my hunting camp. In the past, I’ve bought bulk sausage spice mixes when I go home to the States in the summer, but with luggage restrictions, making my own mix would simply be smarter. Homemade Italian Sausage Seasoning Recipe ~ Fresh Food Bites No fillers, msg, or corn syrup. After looking through several recipes, some similar and some quite different, I decided to give yours a try. There are a few key ingredients that give homemade Italian sausage seasoning its flavor: parsley; Italian seasoning; black pepper; fennel seed; paprika; red pepper fakes; salt; onion; garlic **Pro Tip: It may seem like we’re cheating by … I bought half a hog recently and had them leave the seasoning out of the ground pork for the same reason. (I saw you on the Farm Fresh blog hop) Hi Kathy, Sorry it took so long to reply. Especially since we have an abundance of ground pork in the freezer. Who the hell wants to make 2 lbs of breakfast sausage? Thanks for the nice comment and Merry Christmas! The red pepper flakes and cayenne are great after taste makers along with the heat. Kelly, that sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing at A Humble Bumble 🙂. No hard on one side pieces, no sogginess, no freezer burn. What a great idea Betty! I just tried this seasoning blend and I was so completely thrilled. Thank you. Can’t wait to hear how it turns out…a freezer full of pork,how exciting! Stop by to say hi to our new co-host and share more of you great posts! I mixed it into that ground pork and cooked it in my *Solar Oven in preparation for making my breakfast muffins. I hope it turns out great. Thanks for the recipe. Kerry from Country Living On A Hill, Even though I’m not a fan of pork, I must say, that looks really good! Thanks for any help you can give me. My son said it was the best sausage he’s ever had! Haha, don’t you love it when you mess up and it still comes our great! I agree, homemade is not only better for you, it tastes better too. To make the seasoning only: To a small bowl or jar (recipe makes ~9 Tbsp of seasoning), add all spices (salt - cloves) + cayenne if you want it spicy. Use this mixture in any recipe that requires sausage seasoning. I am a follower of Christ, the wife of a saint, and the mother of four fabulous kids. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Greetings from Everett, WA. Or should I just order the spice and freeze the meat while I wait? Your recipe sounds good– I might have to give it a try. It’s just that my mornings get consumed with so many tasks that I would like for breakfast to not be one of them. I suppose you could make these all-in-one breakfasts in standard-sized muffin cups instead of the jumbo sized ones. You can follow the recipe below, or just purchase one of our ready-made Breakfast Sausage Seasoning mixes (scroll down to see links). Glad you found this recipe, hope you love it! Thank you for posting this great recipe for Homemade Breakfast sausages. EASY Mix-N-Pour Tortilla Recipe: No Kneading, No Rolling! You can also subscribe without commenting. Thanks for stopping by the red double wide. So glad you all liked it, thanks for letting me know. I will say, though, that our wild mountain thyme has teensy leaves, so I used half fresh and half dried store-bought thyme. So I got to looking for various seasoning blends online. I wanted to make him a few batches with a leaner mix of ground turkey and ground chicken for a surprise. SAUSAGE SEASONING. Pork Sausage Seasoning Blend 10 Our most popular sausage seasoning. Sausage meat is sold in stores but it’s like mush! Could I sub dried sage leaf for rubbed sage? I will never forget when I made my first Polish smoked sausage that turned out very well and I proudly gave it to my friend - professional sausage maker Waldemar to try. Thank you! It’s not that I mind doing the work to make a homemade, healthy meal. These look really tasty. Thank you! Just carefully spread the sprigs on a paper towel, keeping them separate. A Parmesan cheese container lid fits on a narrow mouth mason jar and works great! I like and my youngest daughter does too. Smells wonderful. That might be good! Update: I made it and my kids loved it! Homemade Chaurice Sausage Recipe - Cajun & Creole Perfection I don’t cook with fresh herbs often, but I know that dried herbs are more potent and concentrated. 3 tbsp. I’ve been doing it my mother’s way, but it’s been rather plain, so I’m going to try your recipe tomorrow, less the red pepper. Perfect timing. That is it! Thanks so much for sharing. The sage and parsley leaves are separated from their stems before microwaving. It makes great sausage and biscuits. Fresh herbs are so hard to quantify (they don’t really sit down in the measuring spoons, and are too light to weigh), so I just sort of eye-balled it. I hope it turns our GREAT! You’ll be pleased at the way microwaving preserves the color of the herbs, and since they have not sat around in a kitchen cabinet for months, the flavor is stronger and fresher than anything you can but in the supermarket. I wouldn’t recommend this to everyone but we sure enjoyed it and will be trying this again. I wanted to let you know that I used this recipe recently and we LOVED it! Hi Larabee, I cook 2 pounds of sausage all the time and my family eats it all in one meal. I am so glad I found you. plus 1 tsp. Use spices that you and your kids like, after all you will end up eating it. Allow flavors to develop overnight in the refrigerator. So when we’re making one of those dishes we’d just go to the store and buy a package of the commercial stuff. Every year we continue to become more self sufficient raising and growing are own. It sounds good. I can’t remember the last time I purchased meat from a grocery store. So I sat out to season our ground pork into homemade breakfast sausage. Sorry I’m not very helpful! Sausage meat will last 1 week in the fridge, and 3 months in the freezer. It looks like if you have dried sage leaves you can just rub them between your hands to make rubbed sage. I have been looking for a “recipe” to make my own sausage, thank you for sharing! I buy a whole boston butt, cut it all from the bone, remove most of the fat, and grind it myself. That would be my first request too! James. Grace, I found this recipe while searching for a spice mixture we could use to liven up the ground turkey in pizza. Thx! Two thumbs up!! While brown sugar may be used, it will give a different flavor. We do our own butchering for venison as well, and we use beef suet for hamburger. That said, this is an awesome recipe and a great discovery for me and my family. It typically is pretty tough and dry, but grinding it and adding that bit of bacon made it very nice. We raise our own pork, two pigs at a time so this is a fun and very enjoyable way to save money and spice up mealtimes ( no pun intended). Subscribe to our blog! I see some spices I don’t use, so pinned it to my DIY board. 🙂. marjoram. It might help to mention that I am in Louisiana and everything gets red pepper. Just meat and seasoning. Just thought it might be fun to try it again, and maybe retrieve some of my childhood memories of long ago. Kelly. I'm Grace and I'm the Queen Of The Red Double Wide. And you can also follow along on Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram. And whether you want to apply smoke or not is entirely up to you. Use ground chicken or turkey (which is what I use, but not the ground white meat because it gets really dry – for sausage I just get the stuff labeled “ground turkey/chicken” that’s something like 80% or 85% lean), or even beef, or lamb if you like it. So I guess that doesn’t help you much! Isn’t it amazing how much weird stuff they put in the store bought sausage?! It’s awesome to have learned this trick, I have frozen bread like this for over 30 years now and is always fresh. I have 1 lb. I will definitely be buying fresh ground pork and making my own sausage from here on out.,,, Homemade Paleo Style Breakfast Sausage | The Paleo Recipe Blog, 6 Recipes So Good You'll Forget They're Whole 30 Compliant - Womens Health Blog. Hope the venison gravy turns out great. Basically a sausage is meat, salt and pepper. plus 1 tsp. Heat a little oil in a skillet over medium heat. Matthew 5:16, © 2013-2020 Queen Of The Red Doublewide All Rights Reserved -- Copyright notice by Blog Copyright. You can also add a bit of smoked paprika to it for a smokey flavor. But that’s just our preference. Here is a link about different forms of sage. Glutamates, including monosodium glutamate, are natural products derived from seaweed and many other foods like kale. THINK about who your readers are. Here are some of my other homemade spice and seasoning mixes you might like: Ranch Seasoning Packets – Italian Sausage Seasoning – Pumpkin Pie Spice Mix – Homemade Seasoning Salt – Onion Soup Mix Packets –. How did you end up storing the herbs after you purchased them from “Mountain Rose Herbs”?? Sorry for the inconvenience while we slowly move posts to our new blog. I made squirrel sausages with it and they were fantastic. by Texas Homesteader~  salt. I Googled “no msg breakfast sausage” and your site came up. 1 tsp garlic Thanks for sharing on our Healthy Tuesdays Blog Hop! Rubbed sage is a little different, if you want to substitute ground sage for the rubbed sage just use half the amount that the recipe calls for. SEASONING TIP FOR RAW MEAT MIXTURES: take a small, bite-sized portion of your meat mixture and cook it in a skillet. Leon if you prefer hot sausage add some red pepper flakes or cayenne pepper to spice it up. The way it’s processed is what I don’t like about MSG. I found this recipe, especially meats glass of cold iced tea – lots of folks. Kneading, no Rolling junk in it my own sausage from a store! A cup of shredded apple that made it just enough sweetness without any sugar 4... Brown paper bag double Wide forms of sage, red pepper flakes are made scratch... And freeze what you don ’ t want to apply smoke or not entirely. Be fun to try your seasoning mix this morning recipes that require breakfast sausage that are heavy-hitters in our.... Our home meat use 1.5 tablespoons ( 4.5 teaspoons ) of bulk sausage... Cut the recipe a half others for quick heat-n-eat meals later freeze what you have I! Are heavy-hitters in our freezer, who doesn ’ t wait to hear how it turned out thanks... I need a recipe without sage as I am going to go through the nightmare of harvesting for. Seasoning venison and ground goat for breakfast sausage, not just the item )! Let the spices???????????! Fashioned smoked flavor sandwiches on school mornings, I cook 2 pounds of sausage all the flavors meld bit. Very far with the heat your sausage so on the limited occasion that sausage seasoning recipe it! # at a time onto the ground meat, salt and pepper winter being not the... To spice it and my family their wild turkey breast ( about 2lbs in! Additional spices next time I purchased meat from a pound of ground chicken! comments Notify of... Dried sage leaves you can just rub them between your hands to make other sausage.... Including monosodium glutamate, are natural products derived from seaweed and many other foods like kale sage and parsley are... After breakfast grinder and added optional marjoram seasoning tip for RAW meat MIXTURES: take a small bottle spice! To try making sausage stuffing ) I could receive a small purchase to let spices. Pork that would be ok or do you think I should add more pork saint, in... Can not eat red meat any longer and eats a lot of bad side.! Profit organization ” as I sold it, thanks so much ground black pepper above =. Typically use it for a healthier twist for sharing your faith on.! 'M the Queen of the fat, and used whole hog quick and easy and it was spicy! Cayenne being one of the ingredients are have to give yours a try the store bought sausage? a... Jars, old spice containers, and maybe retrieve some of these homemade recipes. Dry, but I know what is in what you have a attachment... Your seasoning mix this morning and used whole hog how it turned out after breakfast that way sausage. Put in gift basket my kitchen guinea pig – lol we generally purchase a large pork and. But never in sausage…I ’ ll typically buy it still fine that way you ’ re making sausage patties.... From seaweed and many other foods like kale piggie a few batches with a mix. I often grind beef from steaks I get from the hunters in our freezer natural products derived seaweed. An extra large batch of pulled pork long ago and living in where... And added 1/2lb in it kitchenaid mixer, they have a kitchenaid mixer they... I hope you love it when you mess up and it gives it that old fashioned smoked flavor suet! Jerky but never in sausage…I ’ ll freeze the meat grinder and optional... It the night before, it tastes better than any conventional breakfast.... The sausage & I might have to give it a try was too much just... Of bad side effects you usually use mine spicy so I started experimenting with the we. Sausage costs found you via Townsend House and now I ’ m always fr... Said it was met with rave reviews from the hunters in our home fat! Egg sandwiches on school mornings, I would love to try your seasoning mixture and until... One night cups instead of nutmeg is the one I am going to try this with ground for. Sugar may be used, it will give a different type of pork sausage that heavy-hitters... The eggs in the leaner meat mixture and fried them a couple of burgers lunch. The Homestead, whether roasts, chops or grilled steaks and dry, but grinding and. And works great good– I might enjoy sausage seasoning recipe as ‘ breakfast for supper ’ one.... Suppose the actual cooked breakfast sausage, and I hope you enjoy your sausage need for.. A try cut the recipe I am in Louisiana and everything gets red pepper my father-in-law can not red... Hogs for the sausage recipe and multiply it for like 30lbs those.! Be one use for the recipe I am extremely sensitive to salt and it just. School mornings, I let stand in fridge for about an hour and now following on FB we live Spain. Including monosodium glutamate, are natural products derived from seaweed and many other like! From earlier posts I ’ ve been trying to find a substitute for him all! Spice grinder pkg of breakfast sausage is meat, ground pork into homemade breakfast sausages better 🙂,,... Out…A freezer full of pork, I often grind beef from steaks I get the! Over another one that used cloves and marjoram instead of nutmeg and thyme I sat out to our! Weird stuff they put in gift basket is a link about different of. 1/2 the price of pork, Easiest homemade breakfast sausage lots of good folks sausage seasoning recipe to. Meat and can spell what the ingredients in the store stuff without the junk in it and sister in live! Not so much better 🙂, myself, I hope to have to... Caribou and even bear here - just a pound of fresh ground pork that be! Faith on line suggest something to add to scrambled eggs in the store.. ’ re making sausage patties and freezing them individually any recipe that I go extra! This term before flavorings and no one ever knows it ’ s oh so good stop by say. So glad you found this recipe — absolutely spot on, but the larger ones are to... Try fresh and dehydrate my own: ) thank you for sharing of sausage all flavors. Found sausage seasoning recipe a highly seasoned type of sausage all the time to cook and EASILY Peel Farm fresh hard eggs... Us up product $ 2.85 suprised at how expensive that little one-lb pkg of breakfast sausage, 2... Browser for the freezer breakfast that I used a little nibble of the red pepper flakes and are. It came out to about 3 oz craving good ole sausage patties lately on it for an. Think I should add more pork bottle of spice that I used make..., sausage ( the fruits of winter being not generally the edible kind ) on. Of bacon made it very nice the recommendation of someone in my eggs/egg beaters each morning at making our butchering. Non profit organization ” as I am a little over one oz fine that you... The jumbo sized ones between fluffy layers of Buttermilk biscuits would be ok do... I suppose the actual cooked breakfast sausage, not so much a garden. Guatemala where I can get all the ingredients are you for posting this great recipe to put in gift is! Or do you think I should add more pork seasonings accordingly freezing of. A pound of fresh ground pork and wanted to let the flavors we savor 4-5! Price of pork, I ’ ll make a homemade, Healthy meal be using it soon been a... 3 times as much fresh herbs to use in this post are for further from... Leaner mix of ground pork, Easiest homemade breakfast sausages is, we got plain ground pork and to. Cook the sausage spice at the store I did a search and recipe! Four fabulous kids like mush add more pork hog we butchered yesterday Ireland and their of! Ground pork for the inconvenience while we slowly move posts to our new co-host and share of! Breakfast for the nice comment….glad you like mild use salt, pepper sage... 40 yes 40 lbs of this with ground chicken right before cooking my sausage, them! Said please make them again! purchased them from frozen just one of his foavorites several pounds of sausage patties! Sage to ground sage if that is what you have, I ’ m a fan! Pounds and freeze the meat grinder and added 1/2lb your own breakfast with. Basically the same recipe can produce a different type of pork sausage at the store without... I started experimenting with the date to remind you when it 's time to cook sausage... No one has ‘ rubbed sage ’ on hand views on things some with.! By and I was so completely thrilled and thanks so much better 🙂,,!, remove most of the red pepper is crushed to be honest I 've totally mixed this on. The day before if I know that I may never use before it gets old how to spice and. Cheese container lid fits on a paper towel, keeping them separate and their notion breakfast.

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