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However, Berlin was able to escape before the FBI could catch up to him and unravel his real identity. The fight between Berlin and Red will continue on "The Blacklist" season 2 and there's news that someone will join Red's team - and it will be a woman. Comment [This is a review of The Blacklist season 1 finale. © Copyright 2020 HollywoodLife, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with executive producers Jon Bokenkamp and John Eisendrath about Liz’s “tipping point” and what it means for her future. When you talk about Cooper and his perspective on it, he has a similar but different perspective on Liz and where she’s going than Red does. Eisendrath: I think that, yes, we have every intention of being clear with the audience here about what it is that he has been suffering from. The FBI seems baffled by this (when don’t they seem baffled? The Feds storm the airport. I think that’s a big question this season. But I do think, when you ask how dangerous she is, I think she’s incredibly dangerous. Best season of The Blacklist. There is Ressler’s relationship with her and whatever deep-seated feelings that they may have for each other that have been unspoken to date. With Liz choosing her mother over Red, what does that mean for Liz and Red’s relationship? But Keen is too busy kvetching to notice. Red pulls out a ziplock baggie with some pulpy red stuff in it and tosses it to Keen. Warning: spoilers ahead for the Season 8 premiere of The Blacklist on NBC, called "Roanoke.. Bokenkamp: Brian was fantastic in the role and really was part of the DNA of the show. But let's face it, they probably don't know either. Red thinks that the dead man was “a foot soldier in a biological army,” and the death was an attempt at striking out against Reddington. They need to find out who is tampering with this strain of virus and, surprise, surprise, Red knows a guy. Notorious for sending his enemies to the gulags in Siberia, he was a loyal servant of the Soviet Union. I think Liz is at a point where it’s time for her to pick a side, and she is siding with a woman who has a very similar conflict with Reddington. The Blue-Eye Boy Scout gives her this earnest advice: “The only way out of this is right through it.”, Cue the music. Jesus, Lizard, you screwed this up royally. He’s double miffed because he’s also in the middle of decoding Tom’s “calculus book” from “The Pavlovich Brothers,” and it’s not good news. Check.) She gives the befuddled old man the third degree; all he knows is that the contact is called UD4126. Unfortunately, Brian Dennehy sadly passed away in April. As the Feds pull their guns on Red, Red pulls a gun on Lizzie, so that she won’t be implicated as his accomplice. (Gary is working for some higher power other than the FBI, likely The Alliance, which we already know is embedded in the U.S. We have the latest for you on the premiere, spoilers, cast, Berlin's news and updates of The Blacklist season 2. The Decembrist was actually Alan Fitch (Alan Alda). She connects the strands of webbing that all lead back to Berlin. In 1991, near the end of the Cold War, Kirchoff took part in a meeting in Kursk wih other Soviet officials on how to combat their more progressive countrymen who wanted the Soviet Union diss… Keen is resigning from the FBI. Rude, Gary! That’s how that works. He can vanquish some incredibly powerful people and has demonstrated a fearlessness that I think is very winning and powerful, but Liz has always been someone that he can’t live without and someone he cares about more than anything else or anyone else. 10 funny mockumentaries to remind us about the absurdity of life, Family-friendly Halloween films for boos big and small. It turns out to be Tom’s message, the spider-tattooed neck skin from Red’s tail — which roughly translates to “Don’t f— with me.”. Keen is also feeling rather irked by this comedy sketch. She was very open about saying she’s embracing darkness. The Blacklist. I’m the only one that has what they need. Season 2 . Season 1 Episode 22 Berlin; Season 1 Episode 21 episode 21; Season 1 Episode ... your TV-watching buddies to tell you "what happens next". A lot of times in film and literature and television, we see that when you embrace that darkness you can be consumed by it. from her house fire, the fire that supposedly gave her the scar we see replicated on Tom’s things — so that clue is still in play. (WARNING: SPOILER ALERT) Episode 20: The Kingmaker. Turns out we need the crazy doctor. (Clearly he’d read the CDC’s pamphlet on preparing for the zombie pandemic. Red’s guy looks exactly as a mad scientist should — and it turns out he’s also living in an insane asylum. Luckily, it takes very little convincing at all to get her to change her mind. When Dr. Crazy starts talking about spacemen, she heads for the exit. He wants to savor the moment when she has to apologize (again) for blaming him. We’ll support you no matter what you do,” Ressler encourages. Share Share Tweet Email. Tell me who Berlin is NOW, Bokenkamp. But of course, the structure of the episodes will be followed — taking down a new name from the blacklist each week. We see another man get infected with the Cullen virus, and with it he gets a video of a man informing him that he will get an antidote injection every 24 hours if he follows orders. Keen has another meltdown in the hallway, accusing Red of luring her on this futile field trip just so he could plead his innocence. SpoilerTV - TV Spoilers Start We bring you a comprehensive and up to date spoiler service on all the major US TV shows and Movies. He says he doesn't want her to catch what he has. Is that something that could be a possible threat for Liz going forward?Bokenkamp: I think it’s not only a threat, it’s a question of: is it part of her DNA? Liz has finally filled in her bestie on the whole Tom Keen Secret Spy saga, and he vows to help her get justice. “You don’t choose Berlin,” he tells the doomed man. (Ryan Eggold, is this your band name?). #1. First, all Vogel says is that “he is coming.” Then, feeling more confident, Vogel gets smart-mouthy. At the end of last season, Dom was recovering. Offers may be subject to change without notice. This one delivered a couple of key reveals and certainly set stories and characters up for what could be a crazy, deadly finale. With this in mind, we’re starting this article on the upcoming episode of “ The Blacklist ” entitled “Berlin” with an enormous warning: There are some substantial spoilers … That’s how blackmail works, sweetheart,” Vogel says. When it comes to Liz and Katarina, can they both truly trust one another? Tom obviously speaks Red’s language; Red is a big fan of gifting dead human flesh as a token of his appreciation. [Solved] The Blacklist: Who is Berlin? The Feds really try their darndest, but things just don’t always go as planned. Liz arrives, sees Red, sees the federal agents and attempts to reason with her mentor/father figure/guardian angel/relationship counselor. (People will die? The FBI raids his house, find the virus and takes him into custody. [Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Monday's season finale of The Blacklist. As The Blacklist returns for its sixth season on NBC, so to do the speculations about Raymond Reddington (James Spader). Is Dembe the coolest man alive? Berlin — Conclusion. Red admits that he does not know who Berlin is and he seems truly worried. Boom! While in the past Red could sort of walk her off the ledge, I think that’s not possible now. Do you think Liz and Red could eventually reconcile and trust each other again someday? (When will Keen learn to simply trust Red on his people, even if she doesn’t trust his motives? Synopsis "The Blacklist" - "Berlin: Conclusion" - May 12, 2014 We pick up at the site of the plane crash. James Spader is Raymond "Red" Reddington, a mastermind criminal who teams up with the FBI. The Blacklist Season 2 Premiere, Spoilers, Cast, Berlin's News And Updates: Could Naomi Be The Key To Opening Red's Closet Of Skeleton's And Could One Of These Secrets Be His Connection With Lizzie. Liz feels powerless, and unfortunately, she takes it out on the poor mental patient. The bank security guard has the foresight to call the CDC. 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Crimony.) This episode has a lot of questioning. We didn’t feel like we could really write the character out, so Ron Raines came in to take over that role. Not only for Reddington but for the entire task force. [WARNING: Spoilers ahead from Monday's episode of The Blacklist, "The Decembrist."]. Ryan Eggold really sells the coiled-violence-lives-inside-me-just-waiting-to-burst-out routine. Things are nowhere near resolved, Liz, and now you’re bailing at the worst possible moment? The Blacklist - Episode 1.21 - Berlin (No. You had him stapled to a chair once already, and he definitely won that round of spousal interrogation. “Is it true that you’re leaving?” Malik says forlornly. She tries to renege on her resignation, but Cooper says it’s too late. “I gotta hand it to you,” replies Keen. The Blacklist is an NBC thriller that opens with notorious wanted criminal Raymond Reddington (James Spader) handing himself into the FBI. The Return of Scary Gary! Talk about a bombshell. Who is he? Bokenkamp: This is definitely new territory for all the characters. I think what he has been suffering from has impacted some decisions he’s made that we’ve already seen in previous episodes, and I think the same will be true going forward. (WARNING: SPOILER ALERT) As far as I can tell, this is the man who will be portraying the character Berlin on The Blacklist: Peter Stormare. I think that Cooper, who looks at Liz in some ways as a surrogate daughter, is going to have some intense feelings about how he can navigate both the task force of law enforcement officers and as people who love and want the best for Liz. One of them was Berlin. Then he lays it at Cooper’s feet and says he’ll get the axe too once this is over. SpoilerTV - TV Spoilers Start We bring you a comprehensive and up to date spoiler service on all the major US TV shows and Movies. As a result, I think she and Red are destined to have more conflict than they have ever had in the past. The pilot shoots a bunch of people and throws Berlin keys to his handcuffs — but at that moment, U.S. Navy fighter jets arrive. Fine.) I think she has heard half-truths for long enough, and she wants real answers and is willing to align with her mother, who does have answers, who sort of stepped away and went on her own quest to find out who Reddington was and why he had entered their lives. Who is after Red, and why? Oh, okay. You’re killin’ me, Keen. The Blacklist April 18, 2014 NBC is at it again when it comes to giving away a ton of information about some of their shows. [Solved] The Blacklist: Who is Berlin? I think everyone has something to say about where Liz is going, but ultimately, she is the one who is driving this and we’ll see how she navigates things. Elizabeth Keen's scar compared to the symbol on the envelope. By Kevin Yeoman May 13, 2014. Is Tom maybe Berlin? The cold open shows an armored car’s driver coughing up blood as he heads into a bank to make a pickup. He stated: "Like many of the 2014 episodes of The Blacklist, "Berlin" was far from bad, but lacked some of the spark that drove the episodes from last fall. He puts off his wife who wants to kiss him goodbye. The final moments of the finale featured a very different Liz. In Moscow, Red and Berlin tracked down the Russian official they believed to be the Decembrist, but it turned out he was just a pawn. What are your plans for that character moving forward? Panic ensues. What does it look like when and if she comes out on the other side? Here’s What Gal Gadot Had to Say, Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Zoey's Playlist, Legacies, The Boys, Legends, FBI, MacGyver, Batwoman and More, The Bodega x Nike Dunk High ‘Legend’ Is Releasing on SNKRS Soon — but Here’s How You Can Get a Pair Now. Tonight on NBC their new criminal drama, THE BLACKLIST starring James Spader continues with a new episode called, “Berlin.” On tonight’s episode Part 1 of 2, Liz concludes that she can’t trust anyone and refuses to work with Red after the truth about her father’s death is revealed. “If you give up on this, everyone’s lives will go back to normal — except yours,” he warns her. “Berlin chooses you.” That second line was so conflicted with pain, anger, hate. ]- “Don’t be sorry, Liz. They’re going to carry out my plans or die trying. By Bob Sassone. On tonight’s episode as per the NBC’s synopsis, “Red’s (James Spader) motives for Berlin (guest star Peter Stormare) take a sudden turn when he learns Berlin was manipulated by the latest Blacklister to avenge Red. And then time stops, so Red can meander down memory lane to a time that he was diving off the coast of some tropical island when he was stung by a lionfish and nursed back to health by a lovely sea gypsy. It’s more so if there’s something that’s been lurking inside, was it always going to come out? The Good Doctor. Red and Berlin travel to Moscow to track down a high ranking Russian official who they believe is responsible. The five names are the people that Vogel has infected as part of Berlin’s scheme. 'The Blacklist' EPs spill major season 8 spoilers about Red's illness, Liz's transformation, and her alliance with Katarina. So his ability to fight against her is definitely more limited to him. Proceed with the questioning! Meanwhile, Tom Keen is in full Bond mode. The big moment is seeing a prison transport plane carrying a hooded man who must be Berlin, since he’s directing the pilot. We see the plan in action, as we hear the video describe the moves. Aside from the Red, Liz, and Katarina situation, what’s ahead for the rest of the task force this season?Eisendrath: You can look at it on that same axis of Liz’s journey is going to deeply affect everyone on the task force when it comes to their relationship with her. Scary Gary has already sent men to capture Reddington at the meeting place Liz lured him to. Season 1 . Yep, they storm it. Park is a newcomer to the task force but also has very specific points of view. Liz and Red ultimately being on opposing sides will cause immense tension and could end up being dangerous for everyone around them. Tom’s torture scene is epic. Back at the Post Office, that bureaucratic henchman is chewing out Agent Cooper. He has the formula for the pathogen, which means he must be working with the man infecting people. For the first time in a long time, Keen gets out her files on the Blacklisters and does some real detective work. Eisendrath: I think that she is something of his Achilles heel. The pilot steers away from them and the keys slide away. We get some more shots of him bleeding out of his ears and choking on blood before he keels over, lifeless, onto the floor of the bank. We’ve never fully surmised her relationship with Reddington and now her husband is a fugitive.” That’s fair. As Red turns to follow her out, the doctor hands him some research. SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not yet watched “Zarak Mosadek,” the 18th episode of the fifth season of “The Blacklist.” A bag of bones, a time jump and a brutal cha… Liz is being questioned by the Feds, now that she’s turned over all her information on “the man who calls himself Tom Keen.” One agent makes the mistake of calling Tom her husband, and Liz serves up a steaming cup of “bitch, please.” She spills on Tom, but covers things we already know. Handy. 0. What’s more Aram, somehow unlocks a video made by Vogel that details every plot point of Berlin’s landing plan. The Magicians. Ah, but what the hell? She has had 8 years learning from the master himself about the ways of the dark side, and I think that’s a dangerous place for her to be. I think where does this all land is a big question. I think he’s done a fantastic job. “The Blacklist” returns Monday, and viewers will finally get to see Red (James Spader) and Liz (Megan Boone) back in action. The Blacklist has had a lot of fun teasing the answer but will it ever reveal who Raymond Reddington is? Eisendrath: I think that it definitely puts her more at odds with Red more formally than I think we’ve seen in the past. He believed then Berlin was somehow tied to Katarina's past, and I suspect that is tied to who the Stewmaker was to the Soviet regime. It was no coincidence that poor (dead) flunkie had a black widow neck tattoo, because Berlin is the poisonous spider at the center of The Blacklist. “I’m the only one with the antidote.

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