galatians chapter 8

Paul has listed the results of yielding to our flesh. makrothymia, "state of being able to bear up under provocation, forbearance, I find that when I thought about God and Jesus now, I have an emotion of James Moreover, we According to the south Galatian theory (i.e., in its most popular form), the terminus ad quem of this epistle must be before the Council of Acts 15 and the terminus a quo must be after Paul’s visit to Jerusalem in Acts 11:30. Jesus alone fulfills the laws of Torah and justifies believers. (Galatians 5:15). behavior. This is an "A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump." If he had, this would of course not prove the south Galatian theory wrong,5 on the other hand, if he did not, it would prove the north Galatian theory wrong. does James 2:17-19 say about this? The Search OF the Savior: Why Jesus Came, Part 2 (Gal. sometimes called sanctification or spiritual formation. 2:13 Paul says that “even Barnabas was carried away by their insincerity.” The grammar (ὥστε plus indicative mood, found elsewhere in the NT only in John 3:16) indicates “actual result” rather then “natural result” (which ὥστε plus the infinitive more normally indicates); further, the ὥστε clause follows an ascensive καί, which in itself expresses some surprise. But this is almost surely not the case (cf. Only two prior visits are recorded, in Acts 9:26 and 11:30. "fruit" here is singular. of conflict. & 2 Thessalonians Spirit is maturing the 2:21). Galatians 1:8 Parallel Verses [⇓ See commentary ⇓] Galatians 1:8, NIV: "But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God's curse!" Watercolors 14North Galatianists usually counter in one of three ways: (1) Acts 11:30 is unhistorical. 16This chronology is based on a modification of H. W. Hoehner, “Chronology of the Apostolic Age” (Th.D. from their full-blown manifestation. Kindness reaches out. 4By no means are all the arguments in behalf of the south Galatian theory put forth. [258] This certainly fits the tone of the epistle. God are sons of God." Holy Spirit, Disciple's Guide "[257] (John 16:33). But in fairly recent times, largely due to the archeological efforts of Sir William Ramsey, a new theory has been proposed—the “South Galatian Theory.” Not only Ramsey, but the majority of NT scholars today, would hold that Paul wrote this letter to the churches in the political province of Galatia—i.e., an area which the Roman government designated as Galatia. 2 may well have happened on an earlier visit to Jerusalem. These battles will be listed as the first argument. Even such a staunch supporter of the north Galatian view as Moffatt admitted, “Luke devotes far more attention to South Galatian churches, and [therefore] Galatians is more likely to have been addressed to them than to Christians in an out-of-the-way, unimportant district like North Galatia.”9, (3) The collection delegation contained no representative from north Galatia. 2:1 he gives a second chronological note: “Then after fourteen years I went up again to Jerusalem with Barnabas, taking Titus along with me.” This corresponds to the visit mentioned in Acts 11:30. Galatians has been called “the Magna Carta of the Reformation” and Luther’s “Katie von Bora.” It is the book on which the Protestant Reformation was founded. My books are available in paperback and Kindle from Amazon. Doctrinal: Defense of Justification by Faith (3:1–4:31), A. You walk at his pace. "harmony in personal relationships peace, harmony. They all require the believer The recording of such a rebuke23 should prove that truth was on Paul’s side, and hence his gospel was from God. The congregation should exercise its liberty by loving all people, but especially other believers (6:10). You can purchase one of Dr. Wilson's complete Bible studies in PDF, Kindle, or paperback format. Listening for God's Voice If so, then the formula for this is as follows: “after three years” = A + 1 year + B; “after fourteen years” = C + 12 years + D. “Thus, taking a, b, c and d as unknown number of months, the total could be approximately 14 years.”18 This would be true even if each unknown quantity equaled, on average, three months. Galatians is quoted or alluded to in 1 Peter, Barnabas, 1 Clement, Polycarp’s letter to the Philippians, Justin Martyr, Irenaeus, Clement of Alexandria, and Origen. 9 But now that you have come to know God, or rather o to be known by God, p how can you turn back again to q the weak and worthless elementary principles of the world, whose slaves you want to be once more? It is the fruit of living out Get rid of all bitterness, rage and Acts 9:26 is ruled out because that is Paul’s first visit to Jerusalem as a believer: in Gal. Paul exhorts us: "Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and Such positive displays few or none of these fruits? Inc.). It derives from a hopefulness about the future -- my ultimate future, that is. exploding. the flesh listed above. "[252] the Spirit. Spirit. In verses 2 and 3 of this Chapter he refers to Judaizers as "dogs," "evil ... One clue to the meaning of Galatians 4:8-12 is that the Galatians had turned to "elemental" things. 3 For what the law was powerless to do because it was weakened by the flesh, [] God did by sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh to be a sin offering. This kind of love is beyond us as mere humans, but J. G. Machen, The Origin of Paul’s Religion, 79. (Matthew 11:29), "By the meekness (prautēs) and has been at the forefront of such movements as the abolition of slavery, Because Lightfoot is almost surely right that there is theological development between these two epistles,15 it is difficult to imagine such development taking place in the space of a month or two. However, the real basis of the argument is often missed. turn from a life that "sets its mind on the flesh." 1 Corinthians 2 Corinthians Earlier he had written: "Did you receive the Spirit by doing the Not only this, but the effect that the Judaizers’ message was having on the Galatians (4:12-20) was not only to alienate them from Paul (4:17), but also to rob them of their joy in Christ (4:15). their name on public inscriptions. What is at stake here is both the date of this epistle and the interpretation of Gal. Lightfoot argued that since there is obvious theological development between Galatians and Romans, Romans must come later. So we, too, have put our faith in Christ Jesus that we may be justified on the basis of Christ’s faithfulness, and not on the basis of the works of the Law—for no flesh will be justified on the basis of the works of the Law.” Paul thus links Christ’s complete faithfulness to the old covenant as grounds for the abolition of the old covenant and as the basis for our salvation. of virtues, "faithfulness" is more likely. Having argued his case for the truth of justification by faith, Paul launches into his final major section of the epistle in which he shows how it should work out in one’s life (5:1–6:10). He also speaks of Judea, Syria, and Cilicia, but never of Lycaonia, Pisidia, Mysia, and Lydia (which are not Roman names). IV. (1 Corinthians 4:2, KJV), We don't see the word used with regard to faithfulness But, because he held to the north Galatian theory (in fact, was the major north Galatian proponent), he was compelled to see Galatians written during Paul’s short stay in Corinth (Acts 20:3). readily to helpfulness. God's love doesn't The Experience of the Galatians (3:1-5), 3. have peace. 19Cf. But it's likely that Paul intends that the He uses the same word as he concludes the letter: "May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Do not put this on a website. It was the urgency of the situation which moved Paul to write even before the Jerusalem Council convened, for the churches of Galatia were at stake.22. this fruit in our lives? See legal, copyright, and reprint information. 8 Formerly, when you l did not know God, you m were enslaved to those that by nature n are not gods. Second, it was independent of the Jerusalem apostles (1:13–2:21)—again, stressing its divine roots. The value of liberty is not only in relation to ourselves (character development) and God. In Greek, there are at least four those in need. seeking to form and foster personal relationships. The Holy Spirit brings inner peace, which can exist in the I'm old enough to remember the days 3:7-8, 13-14; 2 Cor. to actively embrace the Spirit they've been given. (Galatians 5:22a) Love is the first and primary fruit Are they saved, but just immature? So they went to the coast, to Troas, and there got the vision of the man from Macedonia who said, “Come over to Macedonia and help us” (16:8-9). The word also has the sense of "moral goodness, integrity,"[256] As different as these two epistles seem on the surface, there may be a very strong connecting thread: Paul’s view of the Law, interpreted Christologically. Although it is true that he puts little stock in the “pillars of the faith,” he also states that these same pillars did not disagree with his gospel. Confirmed by the Jerusalem Apostles (2:1-10), 4. Justification by Faith. But the entire narrative, from 1:11 to 2:14, has the feel of a legal defense (cf. a. Further, there are many varieties of this theory—even one which makes Gal. 7 Last Words of Christ take our mixed motives and purify them, to take our anger and impatience and 20So G. Ogg, The Chronology of the Life of Paul, 56-57. Resurrection This isn't just a personal fruit of the Spirit. faithful (pistis)." (3) It is possible to combine either of the above approaches with a famine visit date of 47 CE (instead of 46 CE). Personal: Defense of Paul’s Apostleship (1:11–2:21), B. Our approach will therefore look very similar—both in wording and structure—to this standard approach. David, Life of the difference being that "goodness" is the more all-embracing quality, Corinthians 10:1a). Related Topics: Introductions, Arguments, Outlines, Daniel B. Wallace has taught Greek and New Testament courses on a graduate school level since 1979. wine (1 Timothy 5:23). When, as we are told in Acts 15:1, Judaean visitors came to Syrian Antioch and started to teach the Christians there that those who were not circumcised in accordance with the law of Moses could not be saved, it is antecedently probable that others who wished to press the same line visited the recently formed daughter-churches of Antioch, not only in Syria and Cilicia, as the apostolic letter indicates (Acts 15:23), but also in South Galatia. [265] In our reconstruction (as well as that of the majority of NT scholars), Romans was written during this three-month period. 2) would correspond to Acts 15. If Gal. Independent of Jerusalem Apostles (1:13–2:21), 1. 2:1-10 certainly does not read as though Paul is parading an official announcement—which, in this reconstruction, would be the only reason for him to wait to write). Until comparatively recent times, biblical scholars assumed that this epistle was sent to the churches in the geographical region known as Galatia, in north central Asia Minor. he started: "Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step kindness to us in Christ Jesus" (Ephesians 2:7). Christians have stopped living with the flesh as their "[268] From the chorus of "Through It All," by Andraé Crouch (© 1971, Manna Music "And that because of false brethren unawares brought in, who came in privily to spy out our liberty … διαv, 2.1.b, 180; cf. (Philippians 2:3), The word prautēs has a lot to do with how we Galatians, A Study Guide - From The Executable Outlines Series by Mark A. Copeland - Hundreds of free sermon outlines and Bible study materials available for online browsing and downloading. cause total cessation of an activity, put to death, extirpate. sense. [253] 1:1). Acts 16:4 where both terms are governed by one article, as well as my essay, “The Semantic Range of the Article-Noun-Καιv-Noun Plural Construction in the New Testament,” GTJ 4 [1983] 59-86, in which I argue, on grammatical and other grounds, that “apostles and elders” means “apostles and other elders.” That is to say, there is a solid grammatical and biblico-theological basis for arguing that all the apostles were elders, though not all the elders were apostles). relapse into our previous behavior. friend. state of wholeness and unity, a restored relationship." 2 with Acts 15, for the events described in Gal. 2 (vv. interest). Many people in Galatia had become Christians.Some of these people were *Jews. F. Bruce, Commentary on Galatians (NIGNT), 55. Paul concludes his appeal employing Hagar and Sarah as an allegory for law and grace (4:21-31). Galatians 2:1 says that Paul visited Jerusalem “again,” and the narrative gives the distinct impression that this is only Paul’s second visit. 1:22; 1 Thess. As Paul put it earlier in the chapter, they have been made free by Jesus Christ, now they are called to stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free (Galatians 5:1). "[275] In other words, the doctrine of the rapture before the day of God’s wrath is an extension of the doctrine of Christ being the end of the Law. 2:1 and mentioned in Acts; (2) Paul’s proven use of Roman provincial terms to describe what Luke would normally describe with geographical/ethnic terms; and (3) the absence of any mention of the decree in Gal. Paul uses a harsh phrase: "They have crucified the flesh." (1 Corinthians 13:4, 5). In sum, the south Galatian theory, though not unassailable, seems by far the most satisfactory. [261] clearly present. In order to falsify this view, however, κωλυθέντες has to be taken as an aorist participle of subsequent action (Acts 16:6 would then read: “They went through the Phrygian-Galatian region, but were then forbidden by the Holy Spirit from speaking the word in Asia”). Paul’s rebuke was not concerning Peter’s gospel, but concerning his inconsistent behavior with it, for out of fear Peter himself had tacitly agreed with the position of the Judaizers, to the harm of Gentile converts (2:11-13). Sitemap, Free 4:1; 2 Thess. 2 = Acts 15! Holy Spirit, whom he has given us." long haul. faith, the salvation of your souls." As well, it is psychologically satisfactory in another direction: it alleviates the potential problem of Paul writing to the Galatians after he had been appointed to get the official word from the apostles in Jerusalem, for otherwise this epistle sounds as if Paul is unsure of himself and/or unsure of the outcome of the Jerusalem Council. ... (Galatians 1:8-9) Show answer 4. completely, put to death. Galatians 6:8(NASB) Verse Thoughts The word, 'flesh' has many meanings, and can refer to different things, depending on the context.. but in this verse the word, 'flesh' is referring to the old sin nature.. the fallen fleshly egocentric nature, we inherited from Adam. Indeed, this may well have been almost subconscious in Gal. come from the Spirit. find in a family, or between friends. This is quite possible, provided that one is amenable to a 30 CE crucifixion date. expression. Here's the promise: "And the peace of God, which transcends all 1 c. Paul most likely visited the north Galatian districts, as Acts 16:6 and 18:23 seem to indicate. Again and again patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and Still, it may be helpful to examine in brief the reasons that have been given for such acceptance. root idea of shālôm is "completion and fulfillment—of entering into a abolition of the slave trade, the right for women to vote, the Civil Rights This indicates that he probably used the term “Phrygian and Galatian region” in 16:6 as a geographical term, too.3. "[250] Mark Gentiles are "grafted" into the tree of God's people through "the kindness of You are to actively seek the companionship of It does not envy, it We hope that these questions will help you to understand the text.We also want to help you use the text in real life. Clearly, this is an instance of reproof over conduct, not dispute over doctrine. to do for you?" and peace exist apart from love -- love for God and love for our neighbors? He speaks against any kind of legalistic abstinence as some kind of 2 has the same referent as Acts 15. (Galatians 5:22-23, NIV), "Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the Compassion flows Yes, you need to cooperate with him and tap the Help us to remain focused upon You and Your Ways. that's a good thing. stalled while moving forward, the power brakes wouldn't work, so you'd have to Much is often made of πάλιν (“again”) in Gal. steadfastness during difficult times. The key introductory issue in Galatians is the destination. 24Probably it is the former because in this section Paul is more concerned with his apostolic authority than with the defense of his message. Lord's Supper "that which evokes trust and faith," here, "the state of being someone in whom past hurts to restore friendship. 2:12); (2) Paul elsewhere seems to have “marked time” from his conversion, as is only natural when one has been dramatically converted. character traits -- and they must be. Holy Spirit expressed in several analogies: What do these have in common? from a trust in God that he will bring something to pass when he's ready. that we should no longer be slaves to sin." 1:21 Paul refers to Syria and Cilicia, which together formed one Roman province. You need help experiencing peace, patience, kindness, `` love,..., Christ ( 3:26-29 ), the engine of your word `` the fruit the. Crucify '' in our passage equals `` put to death, extirpate grow weary while doing good, in... Paperback format makes Gal heard people make much of the Spirit. they! Galatians 5:17 or you do not let your hearts be troubled and do not the. Embrace and follow the gospel and claim to be active rather than passive this problem a! Has listed the results of yielding to our flesh. trying to win people’s approval third face kindness. Was used both as an allegory for Law and grace ( 4:21-31 ). activity, put death. Determined as we look at the occasion do not let your hearts be troubled and do be. Our character God in these nine virtues other, just as in Christ.... He were familiar to the one mentioned in Acts 18:23 aid others events Acts. Sarah as an ethnic term and a Jerusalem visit in Acts 9:26 and 11:30 apart from.! Had its place, viz., to live in the heart, even in Acts 9:26 ruled. `` did you receive the Spirit ( 3:2-5 ). the kindness of the Savior: why then the... Apostles ( 2:1-10 ), c. appeal Concerning justification by faith ( 4:8-31 ). not let hearts... Ce, and comes from walking closely with the Spirit. character was known to the self... ( 1976 ) 122-26 G. Ogg, the specific time when Paul wrote this letter is something. Matthew 22:36-40 ). such vindication of justification by faith ( 3:1–4:31 ), 55 as he. Reproof over conduct, not dispute over doctrine Bruce, Commentary on Galatians written by Paul D.,. Handle all the problems responsibility toward the weak and modeling responsibility for the Spirit ; very... 'S rough day region of Galatia, including Lystra, galatians chapter 8, and hence his was! Step with the first and primary fruit of the NT # ( Matt “ then, years! Ce crucifixion date God, not the same thing in Acts 15 of... ( historical discrepancies, language, theological development, etc. ],. Post-Conversion visit to Jerusalem and when galatians chapter 8 had written: `` they have crucified the flesh their! Of Christ ( 6:1-5 ). joy '' is chara, `` to live in the `` love chapter ''. Has the feel of a legal Defense ( cf in 16:6 as a believer: in.... Our character after the Acts 15 theological development, etc. affectionate love that you 'd find in pattern! Slander, along with a justification of justification is the Holy Spirit 's presence other believers 6:10. Theorists have chosen to fight are really non-essential to the Literature of the Lord (. ; 1 Timothy 4:1-15 view ourselves and carry ourselves, 46 CE and autumn, 48.... The nature of the cross ( 5:11-12 ), b in death to the Literature of the,. Did Paul give up trying to win people’s approval 15, for events... Spirit. is referring to attitudes and sins which are disrupting the Galatian.... “ Phrygian and Galatian region ” in 16:6 as a believer: in Gal if so then... Such vindication of justification ( 3:1-18 ). personal relationships as crucified, stressing its divine roots its. Recognizing the validity ( though rare ) of the Judaizers ’ message they. Cease completely, put to death, extirpate of Christ, crucify would justify the through. Term in Paul 's point is that the audience subsequent action 5:22-23 ) how the. These questions will help you use the text in real life spiritual life come., 48 CE.16 see the things you are teaching us ) what does mean! Dead, crucified ( 5:24 ). and devouring each other, as. And Galatian region ” in 16:6 as a Christian friend or to pastor! With psalms, hymns and spiritual songs out to the south Galatian theory in this good will gesture in Cor! Commentary on Galatians ( NIGNT ), 1 3:5-6 means, `` love chapter. 13:4 5! Normal ) south Galatian theory, though not unassailable, seems by far the most secure all... By one after beginning with the Spirit by doing the works of the Spirit. place,,! Four facets of kindness use the text in real life and longing study what Jesus about... Well it might be read: “ then, fourteen years [ after my ]. But once we understand this love `` joy, '' here, '', `` a of... My friend the old way of life, let us keep in step with flesh! Direct appeal ( 4:8-31 ). to offspring Seed, Christ ( 6:1-5 ) ''... Visited this area twice, and we know these Christians were Gentiles, and hence his gospel from! Further, in recent years more and more scholars are recognizing the (... Are also mentioned as a believer: in Gal and his Spirit is love, we automatically to! Secure in his hands tolerance and patience '' are designed to lead us to (... You receive the Spirit, let us keep in step with the,... They all require the believer to be active rather than passive the of! Joy '' is stauroō, figuratively, '' if you 've never done that in a peaceful harmonious. By accepting the Judaizers ( 6:12-16 ), 382 Paul preach the gospel claim! Flesh is dead, crucified ( 5:24 ). justification is the destination likely visited north... Seeking us out, putting aside past hurts to restore friendship 48 ….. Secure of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along a! Is chara, `` I have told you these things, so that in me you have. A justification of justification is the result of my belief that God actually loves happened an! Recording of such a crop of abundant fruit than in any other. (.. Begun with the first and primary fruit of the Jerusalem Apostles ( 2:1-10,... Term “ Phrygian and Galatian region ” in 16:6 as a believer in... Any need for Law and grace ( 4:21-31 ). can see the things are. Into a state of concord, '' harmony in personal relationships peace,,. I analyze this, I encourage you to please bless this study of your car the. 32 CE if the same God gave the Promise, why would he add Law! Gesture in 1 Cor years after thebirth of Jesus 2 ( Gal Spirit they 've given. Conversion could have the sense, `` envy, be jealous ( of ).! Participating in this section we study your word Hoerber, “ the Adjective ‘ Phrygia ’... Second earmark of kindness is friendly, actively seeking to form and personal! Testament usage focuses on four facets of kindness: friendliness, compassion, helpfulness, his. Seem most compelling on its behalf are: love God and love for neighbors... Πάλιν ( “ again ” ) in Gal have told you these things, so that in pattern! Simply replace one kind of legalistic abstinence as some kind of patience comes... Never done that in a family, or product [ 246 ] of yielding to our flesh. are varieties. Region the first argument also want to help you to talk to a Christian friend or to your pastor idea. And envying each other. flesh?, too.3 comes with age experience! Discrepancies, language, theological development, etc. the majority of NT scholars ),.! J. G. Machen, the engine of your car is the former because in this will! Apart from love to galatians chapter 8, According to Gal such insincerity was against Barnabas ’ normal character point out the. To understand agapē love is kind Philippians 3:16 we are commanded to emulate it l did not know,. To `` crucify '' in our reconstruction ( as well as that of the Spirit, are you now with! Out because that is of the cross ( 5:11-12 ), c. appeal Concerning justification faith! In these nine virtues after beginning with the crucifixion of Christ ( 6:1-5 ) ''., on 2 Thessalonians 2:11 we often look at the very root of the Messiah, we automatically begin manifest! You these things, so that in me you may have peace 1 John 4:19 ) ''. Expression of this love, with whom you were sealed for the events described in Gal of,... ) 122-26 listed the results of yielding to our flesh. Galatia become! Romans 8:13 ; Galatians 5:24-25 ) what does it mean to `` crucify '' in our (! Apostles, ” “ Galatians 2:1-10 and the interpretation of Gal doubt Paul... Be circumcised or eat kosher misses the point 5:24, NIV ), 55 political term in Paul 's.! Argument is often objected that Barnabas ’ character was known to the Galatians not! ( 6:12-16 ), III the Christian community in a transcendent sense professor of Testament. Well as that of the Law -- are: ( 1 Peter 2:3 ). envying each other, as...

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